Seeds & Visions of Cynthia Cutter

Cynthia Cutter

Life is to be lived in the moment, fully present.
The simplicity of that opens the door to the flow of life's expression and knowing...
"I love what I am and I am what I love!"

There exists a fluidity of energy that interacts with and connects all things...  

I am a perpetual explorer of energy and its flows through life, discovering new awarenesses of myself, our world and universe...sometimes even recording that through photography.

My home is in northwestern Wisconsin where I moved in 1980, with my husband, two children, a dog and a cat. Planted amidst 40 acres of fields, woods and water we are immersed in nature's abundance, beauty, wild creatures, and changing seasons.  Sharing this richness now with grandchildren, amplifies the joy and appreciation for all of it!  I have always loved to travel, discover new sights and experiences yet am happy to return to this place and the energy that sustains it.  

Taking and making pictures entered my life when I received a Kodak “Brownie” as a kid. In the early 1970's I bought my first SLR camera and turned an old coal bin in our basement into a darkroom.  Weaving throughout frequent twists and turns of needs, wants and curiosities that life is, photography has served me in fun and imaginative ways.  My expression with it evolves as I am intuitively drawn into moments, places or events felt more than seen, perceived more than known.  I capture what speaks to me.  Never quite clear where I'm being led, I follow a  pull, and enjoy unravelling the adventure and my relationship with what presents itself.

Writing offers a different level to share experience and perhaps touch connections within others. The simple and perfect beauty of this world vibrates with illusion, mystery and magic. Feeling this resonance and attempting to record it is a joy, a challenge, a correspondence…a portal to other worlds. 

Enjoy these offerings of my journey, may something here awaken you to more of your own! 

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